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Chianca Ostuni Bianco 150x610mm Muretto 3D Wall Tile (1.02m2 per box)

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Chianca, inspired by Earth's heartbeat, blends cross-cut travertine and timeless limestone in a palette transcending colour. Its refined grounding adapts effortlessly to diverse palettes, allowing each space to tell its unique story. With a modular French pattern, Chianca seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor spaces, infusing a refreshing character like a gentle breeze. This is more than a refresh; it's a harmonious flow that invites nature to become an integral part of your surroundings. Let Chianca's deliberate colours complement your decor, weaving an emotional tapestry that speaks to the essence of your space.

Please note images are indicative only as the actual tiles may have variations of Shade and Pattern. Refer to our FAQs for more information.